One-on-One Post Processing Workshops

Post processing is an essential part to Digital Photography - it's what separates the amateurs from the experts. Having even just a basic knowledge of image editing software can turn your flat images into works of art. 

My workshops will guide you and educate you on how to get the most from your pictures. Whether you are wanting to learn the basics of a particular program or dive right into enhancing your photos with master techniques, each class can be tailored for both beginners and professionals. 

During the workshops, we can work on your own RAW images or I can show you my own workflow with some of my images. 

Workshops start at just €75 (up to 3 hours). Please fill out the form below to schedule an appointment and let me know what you would like to focus on during the workshop.


Topics include (but aren't limited to): Correct Exposure/White Balance, Histogram, Dodging and Burning, Color Toning and Grading, Split Toning, Gradients, Sharpening, Noise and Dust Removal, HDR Photography, Panoramas, Lightroom and Photoshop Presents and Actions, Printing...and much more!


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